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Our Italian wedding planners have carefully created the best PACKAGES to satisfy your each and every specific need for a memorable Italian Experience.

We offer a FREE consultation with our English speaking wedding planner, in order to share all the necessary information about our destination wedding packages and discuss your Italian dream. FaceTime or Zoom meetings are welcome!


We will talk about:

  • Your wedding vision

  • Any concerns you may have about the process

  • Our packages


If your concern is to have a professional who takes care of the coordination of your vendors and guests, our best Italian Wedding Planners will be there for you, to make you live a carefree wedding day in the most beautiful  country in the world.


A destination wedding in Italy is always a dream, but it might be complicated if you don't know where to start. We're here to help you live this process taking all the stress away.


Is a three day event your dream? The Per Sempre package is the one for you.


Whichever anniversary you are planning to celebrate in Italy, we can help you make it happen. 


Every Italian Region offers several landscapes and attractions, from the Italian cuisine, to art, fashion and history. Your destination wedding/event will turn into a wonderful vacation for you and your guest. Wine tours, private boat cruises, mozzarella cooking class, limoncello tasting are only a few examples of your best Italian experience from day 1 to your take-off. 

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