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Tuscan Trip, Reception Menu Tasting & Suggestion With Our Bride-To-Be

I just came back from one of my Italian trips. Many reasons took me there and all of them led me to Tuscany.

Get Married In Tuscany - San Galgano Abbey Wedding - Our Italian Fairytale

1. Menu and Wine Tasting and Suggestion

Our American Bride-to-be, Emily, is going to marry an Italian guy. She is not very familiar with the Italian cuisine, even if she loves it. The day of their Wedding, she wishes to impress both American and Italian guests with the fabulous wedding atmosphere we are creating for them, but, moreover, offering them the best culinary experience they have ever had. She asked for my help, and I have been glad to help her make the best menu selection. We flew from USA to Tuscany for an unforgettable menu tasting in one of our favorite family owned wedding venues, surrounded by lovely people and by a breathtaking landscape. We both agreed that the best dish we tasted was handmade Pici (a traditional Tuscan pasta) with wild boar ragù. After a fun wine tasting together, Emily chose, for her wedding reception, a full-bodied, red wine, directly produced by the venue owners. I am not going to reveal the other choices she made for their wedding menu.

2. San Gimignano

The next day, we spent a lovely time together in San Gimignano, admiring the original "Twin Towers" and the beauties of the surrounding areas.

San Gimignano Towers - Our Italian Fairytale

I had the chance to show her some adorable ideas I had for her wedding favors. She loved them so much!!! I also wanted to make her live a real Italian Experience, by taking her out for an unforgettable Tuscan dinner in one of my favorite restaurants in town. It is a great intimate restaurant, where locals love to go, where the food is authentic and the owners are adorable. We surely ended our dinner eating Cantucci and drinking Vin Santo. It is always fulfilling introducing my culture and my Country to our couples and their wedding guests.

Intimate Restaurant In Tuscany - Our Italian Fairytale

2. Visit of New Wedding Venues and Vendors

After Emily' s leaving, I took the chance to personally visit some new Wedding Locations we are taking into account. I always want to meet the owners, to feel them, and to understand if we can create a great cooperation together. Visiting the new venues is fundamental for us to better understand spaces in order to create a great wedding experience, according to couples' desires and to the location's structure. I am glad to tell you that all of them met our expectations. I also met some of our trusted vendors we are proud to work with. It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to visit them and, consequently, it is fundamental to maintain great relationships, in order to offer the best wedding creation and planning together.

Wedding Venue In Tuscany - Our Italian Fairytale

~Silvia La Perla

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