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A destination wedding/event is not just one day of celebration, it usually turns into several days of relaxation, sightseeing, and fun. It is the chance to spend memorable time with your families and friends, in a vacation mood.


To plan a memorable Italian Experience for you and your guests it is fundamental to know where you are from and where you are going. The United States and Italy are two different countries, each one with its own culture, lifestyle, and wedding vendors’ approach.


Did you know that Italians don't do Save The Dates or formal RSVPs? The Save The Dates' and RSVPs' etiquette comes from the United States.

The same happens with Rehearsal dinner. It is an American tradition with specific etiquette that has to be followed.

The menu part is the one we prefer... It is always a surprise for couples to find out that they will get more than a salad and a main course. Of course, you are in Italy... You have to eat! "MANGIA MANGIA!"

Therefore, for a better cooperation between you and your wedding planner, it is highly important to chose a professional who is familiar with the American wedding culture and traditions, as well as with the Italian ones, and who can understand your expectations and needs.

The planning months are important but the wedding day is way more important!

Italian Style
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