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The most of our couples are afraid of how much a wedding in Italy can cost.
It is normal, it is your first time planning a wedding in Italy and you don't know the market.
Actually it is not that expensive!

Surely, you need help to get the best prices, as well as help to contact vendors that don’t speak your language. Your Italian wedding planner should speak English and be able to manage your budget as well as negotiating prices for you.

Price for a wedding in Italy can differ from region to region, therefore a destination wedding in Tuscany might be more affordable than a wedding in Capri or Ravello.

Here’s a quick example of a high quality wedding planned by our destination wedding planner in Tuscany:


Considering a wedding ceremony and reception

with about 50 guests

  • Stunning Tuscan style wedding venue for more than one day

  • Italian catered dinner, together with a tasty wedding cake

  • Musician for your ceremony,DJ, professional photographer, videographer

  • Wedding Flowers and Bouquet

  • Rehearsal Dinner / Farewell Brunch

  • Accommodation for many of your guests

    Average price is around 55.000 Euro  * 


* The price may be lower or higher subject to season, number of guests, venue conditions, day of the week chosen and any other extra requests.

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