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11 Beautiful Wedding Cake Inspirations For Your Wedding

Back in the years, wedding cakes were absolutely simple, especially in Italy. Your town's pastry shop was usually the one entitled to bake your wedding cake. This doesn't happen anymore... Nowadays, we can choose between so many different styles and flavors. The most of the wedding cakes are created to have that wow effect that everyone expects.

They are there to impress

They are sculptures!

This elegant and bucolic ruffled cake has been created by Pasticceria Artigianale Pitti and decorated by Our Italian Fairytale Wedding Planners with delicate little branches, leaves and a mix of roses and wild flowers. Candles were not just simple candles, they were tiny lilac roses. For a romantic bucolic wedding, this would be the perfect cake.

(Photo by Duepunti Wedding Photogrphy)

Even for an intimate wedding or an elopement, the wedding cake has to be special. Why don't you go for a small and elegant wedding cake like the one in this picture? Flowers on wedding cakes are always the most refined way to give it your own style. Use romantic flowers that match your color palette to give a nice little touch to your small wedding cake.

Elegant small wedding cake - Our Italian Fairytale

You can go for a wonderful rustic-charm wedding cake with lavender and leaves. This one would be perfect for a country style wedding in Tuscany. If you want to give it a more rustic style, display it on a barrel and use wooden candle holders to create the right country atmosphere.

Lavender and olive tree leaves wedding cake - Our Italian Fairytale

If you don't want to leave the idea of a a tiered wedding cake, but you'd love to offer your guests small portions or cupcakes, go for this lovely style. Don't forget to leave a bigger portion for the cake cutting. Our Italian Fairytale Wedding Planners have covered the installation with romantic gypsophila flowers, while the chef had decorated each layer with handmade little hearts and pearls. This is a wonderful wedding cake alternative.

Cup cakes wedding cake - Our Italian Fairytale

Are you planning your wedding by the sea?

Use shells, sea stars and pearls to recall the wonderful marine scenery... A mix of vases with sand and candles and floating candles will match your style. This would be a perfect wedding cake for your Amalfi Coast wedding.

sea style wedding cake - Our Italian Fairytale

If you opt for a winter wedding, you can get inspired by the holiday season decorations and have a lot of fun with snowflakes, Christmas tree little balls and crystals. They can either be edible decorations, especially created for you by your baker or non-edible simple adornments your Wedding Planner will apply once the cake will be ready for the big entrance.

Winter wedding cake ideas | Our Italian Fairytale

If you like the idea of giving your wedding cake a nice Christmas touch, why don't you try with beautiful red flowers, berries, green leaves and pine cones? I envision both these two winter wedding cakes with a warm fire place as backdrop. Remember that it is better if the fire is off, if you leave the cake there for the whole reception. You can decorate the area with string lights, wooden lanterns and candles and it will begin to look a lot like Christmas!!!

Winter wedding cake ideas | Our Italian Fairytale

For a big and elegant wedding you can opt for a lovely ruffled tiered white wedding cake. This kind of cake is already a dream by itself, but if you want to add some more elegance, choose a gold frame as backdrop. You will look like in a painting while cutting your beautiful cake.

Elegant wedding cake - Our Italian Fairytale

Are you in love with crystals, gems and marble? This emerald wedding cake is the one for you!!! It looks crispy from outside, but it will be absolutely sweet once you try it. This can be a perfect one for a Grate Gatsby themed wedding. It doesn't need any other floral addition, since it is wonderful in its own simplicity, as a gem is. It is a piece of art.

Country weddings never go out of style... If your wedding venue has a swing, you can use it as a setting for your rustic wedding cake. This one with mint and strawberries would be perfect for a Midsummer-night's Dream themed wedding.

Country wedding cake with berries - Our Italian Fairytale

The quintessence of elegance... Candid white roses and a one tier pale wedding cake surrounded by treas and romantic flowers. There are no words to describe this pure style.

I hope you've found the perfect one for you...

If you want to give your wedding a nice Italian touch, or look for wedding cake alternatives, you can try what we call Confettata.


~Silvia La Perla

Your Italian Wedding Planner for a Sorrento or Positano Wedding or your wedding in Tuscany.



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