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How To Start Planning A Destination Wedding In Italy: Wedding Countdown-9-11Months Before

Once you have decided on your wedding date, your wedding ceremony and reception sites in Italy, you can start having fun looking for the perfect wedding dress for your destination wedding in Italy.

This is only one of the following 10 things you need to start doing from 11 to 9 MONTHS before you say "I do":

  1. Book your ceremony site and the priest, rabbi, mayor or the officiant you want to marry you

  2. Book your reception venue in Italy, if you haven't done it yet, together with an ideal number of rooms you will probably need for your guests and make sure to sign a contract

  3. Think of who will be your Maid of Honor and your bridesmaids

  4. Start having fun with them and with the most important people in your life and scheduling a couple of appointments in some bridal salons

  5. Start planning your engagement party, write a guest list, and choose a date, according to the list and the date select a venue and send invites

  6. Start thinking of which kind of memories you would like to have from your wedding day and look for a photographer and a videographer

  7. Decide if you prefer a specific theme or color for your wedding, keeping in mind the venue you chose

  8. Start looking for a florist, save all the floral pictures that you like and schedule some Skype calls with them

  9. Start selecting a caterer considering how much you are planning to spend per person, if your wedding reception does not have a restaurant

  10. Start envisioning yourself walking down the aisle and think of what music you would like for such a touching moment, if and what music you want for your reception as well as for the party and start selecting musicians, Dj, band or singers.

~Silvia La Perla

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