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What Is The Difference Between Escort Cards And Place Cards

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

When it comes to wedding escort and place cards many couples wander what is the difference and if they have to have them both.

The difference is pretty easy and intuitive...


They are those cards that "escort" your guests to their tables. For this reason, on each escort card you need to write your guest's name and the name/number of the table he/she has been assigned.

We usually like reserving escort cards one of the wedding venue's best spots and decorating the escort cards table with nice floral arrangements.

It is easier for your guests to find their name if you arrange them in alphabetical order. Remember to have one escort cards for each guest.

Look at this nice Amalfi Coast escort cards table. Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Vietri are all famous for their ceramics. Customized tiles can be fantastic favors and escort/place cards at the same time.

Amalfi Coast Wedding Ideas | Our Italian Fairytale

Francesco Quaglia Photography

Instead of escort cards you can use what Italians call "Tableau de mariage", even though it is a French name. It looks more like a seating chart, where guests are listed under the name of the table they hey have been assigned. Your guests will take some more time to find their names compared with alphabetized place cards, but this kind of seating charts are always nice to see.

Wedding Seating Plan | Our Italian Fairytale

Duepunti Wedding Photography

Rustic Charm Wedding Table Plan | Our Italian Fairytale

Grapes Seating Chart | Our Italian Fairytale


Once that your guests know at which table they are seated, they will look for their exact place at that table. This is the meaning of place cards. On each place card you only need to write the name of the guest and position it exactly where he/she will be seated.

Pretty easy, right?

Gold And Gray Place Cards | Our Italian Fairytale

Alessandro Mari Photography


My answer is NO, but it would be recommended.

The reason is that having tables and seats assigned is a way to avoid your guests to walk around and feel embarrassed because they don't know where to seat. There is always someone who is alone and if you pair him/her with people with the same interests, he/she will certainly enjoy your wedding.

If you are planning on having a very intimate wedding with 20 or 30 guests all seated at one table, you can skip the escort cards and have only place cards.

I suggest to have always at least tables assigned. I know, it takes time and efforts, but trust me, that is the best thing to do even for a buffet style reception.

You can also name your wedding tables with your common interests, hobbies or passions, instead of using numbers. For some ideas read our article about wedding table names.

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