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"I feel so fortunate, actually so blessed to have had the pleasure of working with Silvia La Perla of Our Italian Fairytale. After attending a wedding in Italy I knew this is what I wanted my daughter to experience for her big day but I was not sure how I could coordinate everything and there was a bit of a language barrier with the other wedding planners I found. Luckily, Silvia is from Italy but lives here in the states. She knows the language and the traditions over there in Italy so every single detail was handled with ease. There were contracts and other things I was just not prepared for, but she took care of it all."

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"We wish there were 10 Stars!!! Our wedding in Positano has been a dream thanks to Silvia a her fantastic team!!! My family is originally from Italy, I speak Italian too, but my biggest concern was being able to plan everything from the US, since we didn't have time to fly to Italy before our wedding. We didn't want just someone who suggested us a venue, but it was important to find someone who took care of the whole planning, someone to rely on, to regularly meat and with experience in planning weddings in Italy. Claire, a friend of mine, recommended Silvia La Perla saying she is the best person to plan destination weddings in Italy. She was absolutely right!!!! "

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