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How To Choose The Best Destination Wedding Planner For Your Wedding In Italy

Planning a destination wedding in Italy might be a bit complicated if your job and the distance don't give you the time to think of all of its specifics. If you choose to hire a Wedding Planner, but, at the same time, you wish to enjoy your wedding planning months, I will give you some tips to understand if the Wedding Planner you met is the one for you.

The Best Destination Wedding Planner for Italy

Your Destination Wedding Planner must be:

  1. able to take care of all of these aspects, getting you involved in the planning with fun, relaxation and without pressure or stress. This can only happen with a Wedding Planner you can have the chance to meet regularly and who can be by your side every step of the way. You need to have open communication and they need to be readily available to you.

  2. cheerful and trustworthy: avoid despondent and disrespectful people. This is YOUR wedding and all of the memories you are creating throughout the wedding planning stage should be happy ones!

  3. familiar with the Italian culture and language especially any American wedding planner that you are considering.

  4. very organized and classy: he/she will be in charge of the planning and the creation of your Italian Fairytale.

  5. able to work within your budget and manage it.

  6. in Italy with you the day of your wedding to coordinate all of your guests, vendors, the ceremony, the reception and the party. You don't want to be without the person who previously managed all of these details, the day when he/she has to be there to coordinate everything and avoid any unexpected situation.

~Silvia La Perla

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