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Things You Don't Have To Neglect When You Decide To Get Married In Italy

While you are planning your destination wedding in Italy, always keep in mind that you are getting married in a different Country, with different traditions and culture.

  • The first aspect to consider is the language: if you are not familiar with the Italian language consider hiring someone who speaks it fluently to help you with the vendors who don't speak your own language and with your legal papers. It is true, Italian is the language of love, but this is not enough...

Italian Religious Ceremony

  • The language is also a fundamental aspect to consider when you choose your officiant. I am sure that finding out, on the day of your wedding, that the officiant of your ceremony site speaks only Italian, would not be a pleasant surprise for you.

  • In Italy, many wedding venues don't have any room available to accommodate you and your guests. Some of them only have a room for the newlyweds. Make sure to ask the owners if they provide a room for the newlyweds to let you spend your first wedding night there and, if they have any rooms for your guests. It would be better for you to choose a wedding location with several bedrooms to accommodate you and all of your guests or the majority of them. If the wedding venue has only a few rooms available, but you really like it, it is always a good option to reserve some rooms in an hotel nearby.

  • If you are dreaming of a civil ceremony in Italy, keep in mind that the most of them can only be celebrated in the City Halls. In some cities, the majors allow certain wedding venues to celebrate a civil ceremony in their location. Most of the time it happens when the venue is a heritage site. Remember to ask your wedding location if they are allowed to celebrate civil ceremonies there.

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~Silvia La Perla

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