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How To Handle A Rainy Wedding Day

Every bride-to-be has had this nightmare once in her life: What if it rains???

On the contrary, most of my brides hadn't ever thought about this possibility before I introduce it to them, since they believed that the sun shines all year long in Italy.

Getting married in Italy there is no certainty the weather will be sunny and warm. Of course, choosing the Spring or Summer times may help, but still, the climate is changing and it is not making any exception for the best Country in the world. It is a matter of fact!

What can you do to make it the best day of your life

even with a terrible rain?

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1. Choose a venue able to host a Plan B for the number of guests that will ideally attend your wedding:

throughout the process of selecting the venue of your dreams, ALWAYS ask the venue if they can host a Plan B in the occurrence of rain. If you are also going to celebrate the ceremony in the same site, make sure they have a Plan B for the ceremony too.

2. Ask them to show you their Plan B areas: most of the time couples choose their wedding venue in Italy for the beautiful outdoor spaces it has. In case of rain, you will not use those areas and it can be a bit frustrating if the indoor is something simple and banal that you can find anywhere else. Before choosing your venue, ask always the owners or your wedding planner to show you where the ceremony, aperitif, dinner and party will take place in case of rain. The indoor areas have to be so magical as the outdoor ones, in order to let you have a fabulous wedding in case of terrible weather.

Bride With Umbrella | Silvia La Perla | Our Italian Fairytale | Best Italy Destination Wedding Planner | Getting Married In Italy

3. Buy two fantastic personalized umbrellas: if your budget allows, buy amazing Made in Italy umbrellas for your guests too! In case of a sunny day they may use them as parasols and it will be a gift from Italy with very special memories attached.

4. Buy beautiful rain boots: if the forecast gives you bad news some days before your wedding, think about buying a pair of white rain boots. Start browsing during the planning months, in order to know where to buy them... just in case.

5. Last but not least: put your shoes out of the window the night before your wedding... elders say that the bride should put her wedding shoes outside the window to prevent the rain... Don't forget about it!!!!


~Silvia La Perla

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