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A Vintage Castle Wedding In Umbria

Bride and groom entering their castle wedding venue in Umbria, Italy
Bride and groom entering their castle wedding venue in Umbria

Picture this: A radiant couple, a picturesque Italian landscape, and a love story that transcends borders. Their wedding in the heart of Italy, Umbria, was nothing short of a fairytale come true. From their venue search to the emotional ceremony and unforgettable reception, every moment of their special three day event was filled with love, and Italian charm.

Rolling hills and trees is the view of the wedding venue in Umbria
The view of the stunning wedding venue in Umbria, Italy

The Venue Quest:

The journey to Ania and Marcin's dream wedding began with the search for the perfect venue. They had a clear vision of an Italian vintage wedding under the warm summer sun, surrounded by rolling hills and Italy's picturesque landscape. Together, we embarked on a venue scouting adventure, exploring the charming towns, little borghi and countryside of Umbria. Spending five days together gave us the chance to get to know each other better and to really bond.

Their choice of venue was not just about aesthetics. Ania and Marcin were determined to have a traditional Catholic ceremony conducted in Polish, honoring their cultural heritage. Finding a church with a Polish-speaking priest in the Italian countryside was no small task, but we were up for the challenge.

Planning an international wedding involves navigating a labyrinth of paperwork and legalities. Ania and Marcin had their hearts set on tying the knot in Italy, and I was there every step of the way to assist with the necessary paperwork, making sure everything was in order for their big day.

The "Benvenuto" Night:

The festivities kicked off with a classic Italian evening to welcome their guests. Pizza, wine, cannoli, and the iconic Aperol Spritz were served under the stars as Italian musicians serenaded the crowd with timeless classics like "Volare." That was a real taste of Italy! It was the perfect start to a memorable weekend filled with love and laughter.

The rolling hills of Umbria provided a stunning natural landscape, while the historic castle and its lush gardens added a touch of timeless charm to the celebration. It was the ideal setting for a love story that was as beautiful as it was stylish. The bride and groom look like if they were stepping out of a fashion magazine. Their impeccable taste and style was everywhere. I still remember their words: "We wanted to look like if we were owning a castle".

This is what it means being a Princess for a day, right?

Bride and groom having fun and sipping Prosecco at their rehearsal dinner
It's Pizza Party time | Our Italian Fairytale

The Wedding Day:

The wedding day itself was nothing short of enchanting. Ania and Marcin exchanged vows in a beautiful and deeply emotional Catholic ceremony. A string trio provided the melodic soundtrack, adding an extra layer of emotion to the proceedings.

Bride and groom kissing on the stairs at the end of their catholic wedding ceremony.
You may now kiss the bride | Our Italian Fairytale

What's a wedding in Italy without a touch of Italian charm? Ania and Marcin made their way to the castle in style, driving a vintage Fiat car that perfectly encapsulated the romanticism of the occasion. As soon as they arrived at the castle, their moms donated them bread, salt and vodka as a wish to health and happiness to the newlyweds.

Bride and groom on a vintage Italian car on their way to the wedding reception
Just Married | Our Italian Fairytale

The evening unfolded with joyful dancing under the open sky, despite some unpredictable weather.

While Mother Nature threw in a few surprises, the couple and their guests persevered and enjoyed a delightful dinner outdoors, savoring the delectable Italian cuisine and sipping wine while singing the traditional Polish Sto Lat. Lots of Pliosh traditions have been incorporated in Ania and Marcin's wedding celebrations.

Ania and Marcin are fabulous human beings and special animal lovers. They couldn't imagine their wedding without having their two fur-babies, Lola and Luna, with them. Therefore, they decided to flew Lola to Italy to let her be part of their Italian adventure. As a unique and heartwarming way to honor their furry family members on their special day they also decided on having statues of Lola and Luna on their wedding cake.

Tiered wedding cake with flowers and drapes
Romantic tiered cake | Our Italian Fairytale

Tired wedding cake ona table and flowers at the bottom of the table
The WOW effect | Our Italian Fairytale

Ania and Marcin's wedding in Italy was a celebration of love that transcended borders and cultures. From the picturesque landscapes of Umbria to the emotional Catholic ceremony and the lively reception, their special day was filled with unforgettable moments. It was a testament to the power of love and the magic that can happen when dreams are turned into reality in one of the most romantic places on Earth. Their Italian wedding was a day to remember, not only for Ania and Marcin but for all who were lucky enough to witness their love story unfold in the heart of Umbria.

If you wish to plan a fairytale wedding like the one of this lovely couple, fill in the following wedding consultation form and it would be my pleasure to turn your dreams into a reality.


~Silvia La Perla

Wedding Planner: Our Italian Fairytale

Photographers: Andrea and Federica



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