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A Wonderful Villa For Your Wedding Near Florence

When you walk down the streets of Florence, you immerse yourself in a magical world of art and history. The choice of a wedding in Florence is often related to these two aspects. If you're envisioning an elegant wedding surrounded by art and nature at an Italian villa, you'd better check this Tuscan wedding venue out.

Tuscan wedding venue facade | Our Italian Fairytale
Simply WOW!

This villa was built in 1400 as a summer residence of an important Tuscan noble family. As many summer houses, it is located right outside the hustle and bustle of the city of Florence, which makes it very convenient for your wedding guests coming from abroad.

The options for your symbolic ceremony are numerous: from the romantic secular park, to the intimate olive tree path, as well as some precious indoor spaces perfect for a plan B solution for the unlucky case of rain.

The fountain in the secolar park
Pieces of art | Our Italian Fairytale

We have to say so: Florentine noble families really knew how to treat themselves back in the centuries. They wanted to be surrounded by beauty in a relaxing and quiet environment. What a better place than this villa?

Tuscan wedding villa facade
Pure elegance | Our Italian Fairytale

Can you imagine your wedding dinner under these stunning olive trees enhanced by romantic starry lights?

Olive trees
Nature is a blessing | Our Italian Fairytale

If a long family style table is not what you are envisioning, or if you are expecting a high number of guests, don't worry, there is a wonderful solution for your dinner as well: the lovely Italian garden, surrounded by colorful flowers and dozens of lemon trees.

The stunning Italian garden
Nature and lemon trees | Our Italian Fairytale

Italian garden
Are you ready for it? Our Italian Fairytale

You will not be disappointed by the numerous indoor solutions this Renaissance villa can offer to welcome the several moments of your wedding. The noble Florentine families were not new to parties and celebrations, therefore they made always sure to have a stunning ballroom to welcome their guests, exactly as you will do with yours. A terrace overlooking the garden and an orangery are two extra spaces where a wonderful party can take place.

Paintings, statues and precious ceilings are only a few of the amazing details that will be able to leave art lovers simply astonished.

This wedding venue is a real gem for all the aforementioned reasons, but what I am really amazed by is the intimate consecrated chapel with stunningly preserved original fresco.

The chapel
Pure art | Our Italian Fairytale

Last but not least, this Tuscan villa is the perfect wedding venue if you want to sleep on site on  your wedding day. It offers a few elegant rooms to accommodate the closest family members. Nearby solution right outside Florence can accommodate all of your guests.

If you dream of a wedding at a villa in Florence, feel free to inquire our Italian wedding planner in Tuscany

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~Silvia La Perla

Our Italian Fairytale Wedding Planner

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