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Rustic-Charm Wedding In Tuscany

The Tuscan landscape has been the wonderful backdrop of Nikki and Anthony's love. This sweet couple from Colorado was looking for an intimate wedding venue in Italy, big enough to accommodate the most of their guests for a few days of celebrations. When they saw the venue proposal, they literally felt in love with this lovely country house, that overlooks the beautiful Tuscan hills, and with a stunning courtyard.

Beautiful Wedding Venue In Tuscany | Our Italian Fairytale

Nikki's dream wedding color palette was made of gold, greenery and soft colors. For her beautiful bouquet and the bridal party accessories we chose delicate white anemone, ivory lisianthus and roses, together with a touch of eucalyptus.

Bridal Bouquet For A Wedding In Tuscany | Our Italian Fairytale

The same flower choice has been made for the ceremony floral arrangements, embellished with a graceful lace curtain.

Wedding Ceremony In Tuscany | Our Italian Fairytale

Wedding Ceremony Details | Our Italian Fairytale

The week before the wedding day, the weather was amazingly warm while on the wedding morning it was pouring and the air was terribly cold.

We've previously planned on having the wedding reception outside, but since the weather was not cooperating, we set up the dinner table indoor in a lovely room with stone walls that was originally a stable. Candles, together with beautiful tall and short floral vases and some gold accents have been the decorations for Nikki and Anthony's horseshoe wedding table. To give the ancient stables a warmer and more intimate atmosphere, we lit the fireplace... Everything looked simply magical...

Wedding Venue Tuscany | Our Italian Fairytale

Wedding Table Decorations | Our Italian Fairytale

Of course we had a wonderful Plan B, but it is always hard to tell your couple that everything must take place inside and they can't enjoy the wonderful Tuscan scenery during the wedding celebrations. For this reason we did our best to make at least the ceremony happen outside.

Nikki's walk down the aisle was scheduled at 3.30 PM, but at 2.00 PM the weather was still unpredictable. Together with the fantastic team of wedding planners, florists, musicians, catering and the venue owner, we decided to set the ceremony decorations up inside to preserve them from the rain, and eventually move them outside right before the ceremony time, if weather allowed.

At 3.00 PM the sky was pitch dark on one side, while the sun was shining on the other side. We looked at the wind direction, took a deep breath and decided to move all the ceremony decorations outside and to anticipate the wedding ceremony of 10 minutes.

The extraordinary team of vendors cooperated perfectly and in 10 minutes the entire ceremony setting was overlooking the beautiful Tuscan hills.

This means TEAM WORK to me!!!!

Fifteen minutes after the ceremony ended, it started raining again, but the guests were already having a tasty Italian Aperitivo indoor, while the couple was taking some lovely pictures of their wedding day at the San Galgano Abbey.

Wedding At San Galgano Abbey Tuscany | Our Italian Fairytale

One of the most important aspects Nikki and Anthony wanted to focus on was food. Of course, you cannot come to Italy and have bad food...

The caterer offered a fantastic Italian Aperitivo (the Italian cocktail hour) made of cheese and cured meats, caprese salad, traditional Tuscan soups, and tasty nibblers, followed by a three course Italian dinner made of lasagna filled with pesto and buffalo mozzarella, cheese and pepper ravioli and beef cooked in red wine sauce. Of course, we couldn't end the dinner without letting their guests enjoy the best traditional Italian Wedding Cake (Millefoglie) I've ever had.

Italian Style Wedding Cocktail Hour | Our Italian Fairytale

Italian Style Cocktail Hour | Our Italian Fairytale

Traditional Italian Wedding Cake | Our Italian Fairytale

On our Gallery you can get some more inspirations for your Italian Wedding.

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~Silvia La Perla

Wedding Planner: Our Italian Fairytale

Wedding Photographer: Alessandro Mari Photography

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