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Cost Of Sorrento And Amalfi Coast Wedding Venues

Many couples dream of a picturesque wedding on the Amalfi Coast, but don’t know if the beautiful seaside venues in Positano, Ravello or Amalfi suit their budget.

Amalfi Coast Wedding Venue | Our Italian Fairytale

As already mentioned in one of my previous articles, the most expensive aspect of a wedding in Italy is the venue. The Amalfi Coast and Sorrento wedding venues are mainly beautiful villas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea or 4-5 star hotels with breathtaking panoramic terraces.

1. Getting married at a Seaside Villa on the Amalfi Coast / Sorrento:

Amalfi Coast Wedding Venue | Our Italian Fairytale

An Italian villa is a mansion where a big noble family with several kids used to live or is still living. Consequently, a villa has many bedrooms, sometimes even more than 10, that can be used to accommodate some of your guests. Wedding venues in Positano and Sorrento, usually require to rent the exclusivity of the property for at least 3 or 4 nights, if you desire to celebrate your wedding there. This has a strong impact on the wedding budget. Prices for the exclusivity of a private villa as wedding venue in Positano start at 14.000 euro. The caterer can be already provided by the venue or, in other cases, some Amalfi Coast wedding venues work with trusted caterers of the surrounding areas.

Remember that, since Italian villas have several bedrooms, some of them have been transformed into hotels, especially when the property is a company and not a private family anymore. Therefore, in some cases, there is no difference between villas and hotels.

My tip: -Ask if the property requires a minimum stay at the villa -If you don’t want to pay for the accommodation, look for a villa that doesn't require a rental fee for the bedrooms. There are a few villas that can be rented just for the wedding day. In these cases, the price of a wedding venue on the Amalfi Coast or in Sorrento starts at 4.500 euro.

-If your wedding is intimate, look for a small wedding venue on the Amalfi Coast.

2. Getting married at a Seaside Hotel on the Amalfi Coast / Sorrento:

Sorrento Wedding Venue | Our Italian Fairytale

A wedding at a Hotel is a totally different concept. It is usually less intimate than a wedding at a private villa, but it has the plus of accommodating all of your guests in the same place. You will likely reserve certain areas of the hotel for your wedding day, but you will not have the exclusivity of the entire hotel, unless your budget allows you to rent the entire hotel just for you. If this is not your case, you have to consider that there will be other people using the hotel common areas and amenities and, sometimes, there might be other weddings in other areas of the same hotel.

Some of them require a rental fee for the exclusivity of the rooms/terraces where the wedding will take place. The most of them already have their internal restaurant, which, of course has the price of a 4-5 star Italian restaurant. In some cases you are free to rent the rooms for the night, but in some others you have to reserve a certain amount of rooms at least for your wedding night.

If you need help to plan your wedding in Italy, our Amalfi Coast wedding planner is happy to offer you a consultation.


~Silvia La Perla

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