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What Is The Cost Of A Wedding In Italy

Often couples who dream of getting married in Italy wonder what is the cost of an Italian wedding. They don't know how much they will be spending for their destination wedding and they would like to know it before deciding to make their dream come true. This tells you that you are not the only one who tries to understand how much a destination wedding in Italy will cost.

Well, you are in the right page!

In my FAQ page, you can find a quick video where I explain what are the factors that can affect your budget.

Italian Wedding in Murano | Get married in Italy | Silvia La Perla | Our Italian Fairytale

I will not give you random prices, since it would not be helpful. You already know that planning a wedding is like building a house. It depends on what you want and what you expect. Would you like a villa or an apartment, a 2 or 5 bedrooms, 1 or 3 bathrooms, in the suburbs or downtown, Ikea or luxury furniture? All of this things will determine your house budget and they will change the price of your house accordingly. This is why an architect is important, as much as a destination wedding planner.

I am going to give you some price ranges and tips to help you understand how much your wedding in Italy can cost.

  • Some Italian Regions/areas are more exclusive and pricey.

A destination wedding in the Amalfi Coast, Lake Como or Venice will probably be more expensive than a wedding in Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily, and Lake Orta. Of course, you can find some affordable venues, but generally wedding costs are higher in the Amalfi Coast, Lake Como or famous cities such as Florence, Venice and Rome.

My tip: if you really want to get married in the Amalfi Coast or in one of the areas mentioned above, look for a venue in a less popular town. A wedding in Positano, Sorrento, Ravello can cost you more if compared to a wedding planned in a close town where you can enjoy the same view and the same food with more affordable prices.

Destination Wedding Lake Como | Italian Wedding Planner | Our Italian Fairytale | Get Married In Italy

  • Costs for an Italian Wedding Venue

Not all of the wedding venues in Italy require for a rental fee, but the those that don't have any rooms or restaurants inside, usually require for a rental fee. It can go from 1.500 to 10.000 (and more) euro, depending on several factors. One of them is the capacity of the wedding venue. Some venues can host 300+ guests, and their rental fees are made for this amount of people.

My tip: if you will have a small wedding, look for wedding venues hosting maximum 100 people (Plan B included).

Fabulous Italian Weddin Venue | Get Married in Italy | Our Italian Fairytale

  • Costs for a wedding menu in Italy

You know, in Italy we eat a lot and a meal includes several courses. Usually, wedding menus are created for Italian couples, therefore you will easily find welcome cocktail, aperitivo (with several tables called “Isole” where you have different kinds of food), two primo (first course), at least one secondo (second course), sometimes dessert table and the wedding cake. Prices my vary considering how many courses you will have, if the open bar and the wedding cake are included, and where (more exclusive or more affordable areas) you are getting married. Prices can go from 75 to 250-300 euros per person. I know, it is a wide range!!!

My tip: if you and your guests are not used to eat as much as the Italians do, just ask if it is possible to reduce the number of the courses and reduce the menu price accordingly.

Italian Wedding Menu | Our Italian Fairytale | Destination Wedding Planner Italy

  • Costs for a wedding photographer in Italy

I am sure you would like to have amazing memories of your Italian wedding. This is why hiring a good and professional photographer is what I always recommend Our Italian Fairytale's couples. The most of the times price gives you the idea of the quality service. Consider that photographers will not only be working the day of your wedding, but they will be working days and months for the post production of your pictures. Prices for 6-8 hours of service can go from 1200 to 3500-4000 euro, as usual, depending on several factors: transfer fees, how many photographers will shoot your wedding day and the number of pictures they will take and deliver.

My tip: hire a professional since this will be the only tangible memory of your Italian wedding.

  • Costs for flower decorations in Italy

I often receive questions about wedding flowers' costs. Well, it is the same as we said for the house furniture... If you want to decorate your wedding with a lot of flowers (luxury furniture), it will be kind of expensive. Pinterest is a fabulous way to get ideas, but remember that many decorations you see on Pinterest are not cheap. There are some flowers, like peonies that are more expensive than others. For a beautiful wedding you can spend 1700 euros like 5000, depending on what you are looking for.

My tip: if you are on a budget, is not to spend a lot of money on flowers if the wedding venue or the church is already precious.

Italian Wedding Centerpiece | Our Italian Fairytale | Get Married In Italy

As you can see, prices may vary depending on you requests. This is the reason why it is always very important to tell your Italian wedding planner what is your budget for your wedding, together with explaining her/him what you are dreaming of. Destination wedding planners are there to help you in this process and to manage your budget as best as they can.

If you want to have some more info, require a free consultation here. It would be my pleasure to help you plan your wedding in Italy.


~Silvia La Perla

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