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Choose Your Wedding Shoes Wisely, And Avoid Legs And Feet Pain

Choosing the perfect pair of shoes for your Wedding Day is one of the most important decision you will make. Why is it so important? Imagine to wear a stunning pair of Wedding shoes, but very uncomfortable and that makes your feet hurt. To avoid feeling pain all day long and looking awkward, keep in mind the following smart tips while you are choosing your Wedding Shoes.

Elegant Flat Wedding Shoes

1. Choose high heels only if you are used to wear them

If you have never worn any high heel shoes before your wedding day, do not push your luck that day. It is very important that you look comfortable and unselfconscious wearing both your Wedding dress and shoes. If you decide to wear a pair of high heels for the first time, remember to wear your wedding shoes during the weeks before your wedding, while you are at home. This will help you to give them your feet shape and to learn how to walk, feeling more comfortable and self-confident the day of your wedding.

2. Keep in mind your fiancé height

You and your future husband will be the stars of your Wedding. All the eyes will be on you as a couple. Therefore, it is extremely important that the couple looks well balanced. If your fiancé is taller than you, feel free to choose a pair of heels, but keep in mind that he always needs to look taller.

If your fiancé is shorter or as tall as you, consider to wear a stunning and comfortable pair of flat shoes or a very low heel. You do not want him feel awkward next to you. You both need to appear perfect together.

Marvelos High Heel Wedding Shoes

3. Have a lower second pair of shoes with you

Deciding to wear a lower second pair of shoes after the Cake Cutting or for the Wedding Party, can help you enjoy your Day, feeling more comfortable and free to dance without any pain.

Anyway, it is extremely important to wear a second pair of shoes that is not way too low compared to the first one, otherwise you will take the risk of falling over. Indeed, the length of your Wedding Dress has been studied to make it match with your first pair of shoes. Therefore, if you are wearing a lovely pair of high heels sandals, consider to change it with a pair of lower and classy wedge. This will give you more balance and freedom without taking the risk of falling over.

You can switch from a high heel pair of shoes to a flat one, only if your Wedding Gown has been created for this occasion. This could be the case when the Wedding Dress has a detachable skirt.

4. Have a cold shower for your legs

If your Wedding Day seems to be very hot, keep in mind that there could be a chance that your feet will swell up. Do your best to avoid this situation and have a cold shower for your legs before starting your wedding make-up and, if you can stand cold water, keep your feet in cold water also during the hair and make-up session. If you often have heavy legs when the weather is hot or when you stand for many hours, put some refreshing legs creme on, and ask one of your bridesmaids to keep it into her bag. This is one of the hundred emergency things I always have in my Wedding Planner Bag.

5. Use Baby powder

It often happens that your feet soles stick to the shoes, and it is a bit painful if you wear the same pair of shoes all day long. A great solution is putting some Baby Powder in your shoes and on your feet soles.

~Silvia La Perla

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