• Silvia La Perla

The Bouquet That Reflects Your Personality For Your Unique Fall Destination Wedding In Italy

The decision of getting married in Italy makes you stand out and it tells a lot about your personality. Not only you are an Italy lover, but you also want to differentiate yourself.

A way to do this is choosing the perfect bouquet to better suit your personality...



The Anemone is one of the most refined and fragile flowers... It is also called Windflower, since it is so delicate that it can be easily broken by the wind!

Fortunately, it is not only a fall flower, but you can have an anemone bouquet also if you get married in Springtime... There are some specific varieties of Anemone that grow between April and May.

This beautiful flower is perfect for you if you are a sophisticated, reserved and delicate bride-to-be.


The Hydrangea is a soft flower that often reminds me of a fluffy cloud... It symbolizes the birth of a true love! An Hydrangea bouquet would be perfect for a romantic person, always available to welcome love and to comfort people.


There are no words to express how elegant and sexy at the same time is the orchid flower. It has always been considered aphrodisiac and a symbol of femininity.

This is the reason why such a stunning bouquet would be perfect for you if you are a classy woman who hides a deeper sexy side.


~Silvia La Perla

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