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5 Incredible Ideas For Winter Weddings

Winter is the most magical season, thanks to the holiday atmosphere surrounding us. Many couples choose to get married in this romantic time of the year and I can't blame them since I love winter, especially, December. Getting married in December gives you the chance to plan a wedding different from anything else. You already know your wedding reception will be indoor, in a fabulous Castle or a precious Villa. You don't have to worry about the weather, you already know it will be cold and if you are lucky you might get some snow!!!

So, just use some more imagination and get some new ideas to make your winter wedding even more magical:

1. Use little snowflakes as decorations:

Snowflakes are elegant embellishments you can use to complete your wedding invitation, to decorate your escort cards or to wrap your stationery, as done with this adorable menu created by Cinzia Wedding & Event Designer for a romantic Italian wedding.

Winter Wedding Invitation - Get Married In Italy - Our Italian Fairytale

2. Be creative with your wedding cake

This is not the right time of the year to embellish your wedding cake with flowers. Try pine cones and hawthorn berries instead!

If you want everyone to feel cozy, choose a knitting wedding cake... It will give them the idea of a soft and warm sweater, perfect for cold days.

Of course, you can decorate it also with tiny snowflakes or mini Christmas balls... holidays will be all around you!!!

Beautiful Winter Wedding Cake - Our Italian Fairytale - Best Italy Destination Wedding Planner

3. Dare: red is not the only color

Holiday season is much more than just red... Create a magical atmosphere for a winter wedding by choosing colors that match with red and/or white.

A dusty dress with a touch of silver will give your wedding a fairy tale flair and it will perfectly match with white too.

Winter Wedding - Get Married In Italy - Our Italian Fairytale

4. Have fun with shapes

Your wedding invitation, save the date or your menu can have Holidays ornaments' shapes... Let's think about Christmas balls or Christmas trees.

Winter Wedding Menu - Our Italian Fairytale - Get Married In Italy

5. Plan a hot chocolate table

Instead of the traditional sweet table, why don't you opt for an original hot chocolate table? You can offer different chocolate flavors, from white chocolate to hazelnut and amaretto. This is a fantastic and new idea perfect for a cold winter wedding. Your guests will be very surprised and cozy, for sure!!!

Winter Wedding Chocolate Table - Our Italian Fairytale

Sure you don't want to get married in Italy during this fabulous season???


~Silvia La Perla



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