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An Italian Wedding Tradition You Will Love: Confettata

When you plan your destination wedding in Italy, you are often asked if you want a "confettata" or if you bring your own "confetti".

But, what is a Confettata???

Elegant Traditional Italian Wedding Confettata - Our Italian Fairytale - Get Married in Italy

When we, as Italians, use the word confetti, we mean sugared almonds, and not the traditional confetti that guests usually throw after the wedding ceremony. For Italian weddings it is very popular to dedicate a specific table only to confetti.

Country Italian Style Wedding Confettata - Our Italian Fairytale

Of course, you can have fun decorating the confettata table according to your wedding style, by adding lights and flowers as you like. In the first image, I created an elegant confettata for an Italian wedding in a wonderful venue: a medieval castle. I used old beer stain with the castle emblem as vases, crystal candies holders and elegant tealight holders. For a more country wedding style, you might opt for some wood wine boxes and corks to decorate your table. Jam jars would be perfect as vases and confetti containers, as I did in the second image.

Confettata Details - Our Italian Fairytale - Best Italy Wedding Planner

Amaze your guests offering them some delicious confetti with typical Italian flavors such as Limoncello, Cassata, Tiramisù and much more. They will love them!!!

Use little tags to name your confetti and describe their flavors...

Italian Wedding Traditional Confettata - Our Italian Fairytale - Get Married In Italy

One leads to another...

So, if you are asked if you want a Confettata included in your wedding venue package, say YES!!!!!!!


~Silvia La Perla

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