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4 Welcome Bag Ideas For An Authentic Wedding In Italy

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Welcome bags are a MUST if you decide to get married in Italy or in any other destination in the world.

Wedding In Italy Ideas - Welcome Bag - Our Italian Fairytale

Italy is so well known for its culinary tradition, and this gives you the chance to create some adorable welcome bags with traditional products from the region you chose for the celebration of your destination wedding, such as Tuscany, Veneto, Umbria, Apulia or Sicily.

For a destination wedding in Tuscany you can fill your welcome bags with a little portion of Panforte, the traditional sweet of Siena, and Spuma as a drink. If you ask Italian mamma and nonna about Spuma, they will surely remember the famous drink, less common today but very popular in the past.

If you like almonds, you might want to consider including Cantucci biscuits in your welcome bags. Tuscans deep them in the local Vin Santo, a dessert wine that your guests would love. The Cantucci and Vin Santo pair would be also a great guests favor.

Wedding In Italy Ideas - Welcome Bag - Our Italian Fairytale

I would love to share with you some tips to better choose what to include in your welcome bags:

1. Something refreshing

After a long journey, it is likely that your guests will be a bit thirsty, above all if you are getting married during the Italian summer season. How about a freshly squeezed Lemonade for a wedding in Sicily or on the Amalfi Coast? Believe me, their lemonade tastes like anything else in the world. Many couples opt for traditional Italian branded water, but trust me, if you want, you can give your guests something they've never tried before. Let them soak the Italian experience.

2. Avoid liquors

Alcohol is not always a good idea... If your guests will reach the venue the day of your wedding, I am sure you would like to avoid the inconvenience of having them tipsy at your ceremony. After a long flight, it is always better to offer something refreshing. If you really want to offer them some alcohol, a tiny bottle of fresh Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) can be accepted and also very appreciated. Save alcohol for guests favors instead.

3. Your Wedding Program

Even though you have created a wonderful wedding website, it's always a good idea to include a wedding program in your welcome bags. If they could use it as a fan during your wedding day, it would be even more useful, right?

4 Make it personal and useful

Does your wedding venue have a pool? Amaze your guests with customized pool towels.

If you know that nights might be chilly, include a shawl for your ladies.

Personalized sunglasses are also another nice though for Italian summer weddings.

When planning your wedding in Italy you can have fun and play with some Italian traditions, customs to make your guests experience even more authentic.

If you wish to plan your wedding in Italy and are looking for the best Italian Wedding Planner send us an inquiry. We'll be delighted to listen to your dreams.


~Silvia La Perla

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