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Italy Inspired Christmas Gifts

December is just around the corner, Christmas is coming and as many of you, I am already looking for the perfect Christmas gift for my loved ones. This year more than ever, it's time to tell our family and friends how much we care about them, but I also feel the need of supporting small businesses. Are you with me?

Can you think of a friend in love with La Dolce Vita or a family member with Italian roots? I am sure they would be THRILLED to receive one of the Italian inspired gifts from Shabby Sheep Design, a small business run buy a sweet British couple and their rescue dog, who has been living the Italian dream since 2005.

Are you or the people in your list more Prosecco, Spritz or Gelato fans?

If you are like me, you would say: "One of each, please!"

Simply type the code OIFT25% at your checkout to enjoy a 25% OFF on your first order!


From Shabby Sheep Design's Prosecco collection, my favorite item is their Prosecco reusable water bottle. This is the perfect Christmas gift for a healthy, environmentally savvy person, but who is also in love with bubbles, and ready to party!

I am sure your "green" friends would love to know that for each stainless steel re-usable bottle, Shabby Sheep Design donates £1 to "Water Aid" to provide clean water to those who can't have access to it. When there is a good cause behind, it is always better, right?

For this Christmas... "MAY THE FIZZ BE WITH YOU"!!!


Gelato makes everyone dream of summer, sandy beaches and, of course, Italian vacations... That's why my favorite gift from their gelato collection is the "Gone for Gelato" beach towel. It's probably also because I would leave my spot on the beach, just to go grab an authentic Italian gelato! Hazelnut and Pistachio, please... What if I tell you that their towel can be personalized with your partner or friend's name?


For those vacation girls in love with the Venetian cocktail Spritz, I am sure you can't go wrong with these fun "Bring Me A Spritz" flip flops.

We know that it's always hard to find the right gift for a man... But they all wear flip flops and.... it's hard to find a man who doesn't like Spritz! So you definitely have to check their green and black version out!

It would be even more fun if you pair them with this "Spritz Me" apron for an Italy themed dinner or for a summer pool bbq. Many men developed their cooking skills during quarantine time, I am sure they would appreciate it.


A face mask is a nice little present these days to tell your friends that you care about their health and style too. Don't forget to add a pack of carbon filters too!

For those of you in love with the Amalfi Coast and everything lemons, this is your mask!

I have already ordered some of these "Merry Spritzmas" masks... Aren't they perfect for Christmas?

Remember to add your discount code OIFT25% to enjoy a 25% OFF your first purchase. This is a special offer reserved only to Our Italian Fairytale's friends... and you are one of them! If it's easier for you, simply follow this link.

I am also thrilled to announce that for all our current and future couples, we are partnering with Shabby Sheep Design for your bachelorette party and unique wedding items!!! I am sure that also those of you who had sadly decided to get married in their own country, but who have always felt a strong connection with Italy, would love to bring some Italian atmosphere to their wedding.

Stay tuned to see our custom creations for your Italian wedding welcome bags and much more!!!

-For our friends based in Italy, your purchase should be made before November 26th, 2020, so HURRY UP!!!!

-For our Australian friends, make sure to place your order within November 30th, 2020.

-For our US friends, make sure to order your gifts before December 3rd, 2020 if you wish to receive it before Christmas (except for face masks that can be ordered within December 8th, 2020).

I apologize, but now it's time for me to go for a gelato!!!


Silvia La Perla



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